Season 1, Episode 1: Body butters melt in hot weather. It’s science!

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Natural skincare products can melt in extreme temperatures

Now back to the topic at hand- the last few weeks have been a scorcher in the UK!  Summer has well and truly arrived (for now at least) and she is making her presence known! 

Natural products are sensitive to temperature changes and if you have purchased any natural body butters before (not just our own) you may have noticed that in the hot weather it may have softened or even slightly melted. This is totally normal for natural oil-based body butters, like ours, that don’t have any synthetic preservatives or stabilisers. Most commercial body creams contain large amounts of synthetic stabilisers to prevent their ingredients melting, but as we’ve really tried to formulate products that are as natural as possible, that wasn’t an option for us. Our main concern was that, melted or whipped, were our body butters still safe and equally effective to use? And the answer was a resounding "YES". 

 Why does this happen?

Melting is a natural reaction to heat and environmental heat is something we unfortunately have no control over (unless we’re in the lab making products!).

The main ingredients used in our body butters are shea butter and mango butter. The higher the melting point, the longer the butter takes to reach liquid form. Shea butter has a melting point of around 32°C/ 90°F whilst mango butter has a melting point of 30°C/86°F. In the UK last week, we had temperatures which well-exceeded those figures so it’s really important to properly store your body butters if you want to preserve that whipped consistency.

What can you do?

You’d be happy to hear that melting does not in any way affect the quality or the nutrients in our our body butters and you will get the same benefits no matter the consistency. However, if you prefer your body butters to return to a creamier state, simply pop it into the fridge for a few hours until it’s semi- solid again. Whilst the whipped air bubbles will have disappeared, the new balm-like consistency will feel like clouds soaking into your skin when you apply it! Lots of creamy goodness- Yum! If it’s the whipped consistency you’re after, any electric whisk will do the trick and you’re good to go! 

However, as with all things, prevention is always better than the cure. To prevent your body butter melting at at home, always store it in a cool dry place.

Leave us a comment if you've experienced your natural body butters melting and let us know what you did to revive them (if anything). 

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