Q. Are your products completely natural?

A. We pride ourselves on our heavy use of naturally derived ingredients and yes, we do have products that are completely 100% natural as we know this is particularly important for those with sensitive skin.

However, always read the ingredients list carefully as we do have other products that contain synthetic (but completely safe!) fragrances.

Q. Why is there “parfum” in some products and not in others?

A. “Parfum” is just the legal term for fragrance. We use fragrance oils in some of our products and whilst they are synthetic, they are completely safe and non-toxic. As you can appreciate, even with the best natural ingredients the scents aren’t always appealing. Our research showed us that this was a key reason why many women did not commit to using natural products long term- they disliked the heavy smells associated with them! We added fragrance oils to a handful of products to address this.

The products in our PURE range are free from any parfum (synthetic fragrances). These are specifically targeted to those with sensitive skin.

Q. Where else can I buy your products?

A. At the moment we are currently only selling from our website www.thenatureseries.co.uk .

If you would like like to stock our products, please get in touch at info@thenatureseries.co.uk.

Q. Do you have miniature versions for birthday/ baby/ bridal shower gifts?

A.  Yes. Please get in touch with us directly at info@thenatureseries.co.uk to make a custom gift order and tell us your requirements.

Q. Can I purchase gift vouchers?

A. Yes. Please email info@thenatureseries.co.uk for more information.

Q. Are your products suitable for babies?

A. The products in our PURE range are suitable for babies over 3 months. Always do a patch test first.

We are working hard to design a range specifically for babies which can be used from birth. Watch this space!